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West Linyi outer ring expressway open to traffic in June next year plan
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Reporters from the Linyi City transportation department was informed that the outer ring expressway west smoothly, including Garden Wing Bridge opened to traffic road 1.7 km has been planned across the board was opened to traffic in June next year.
     Linyi Linyi City West Outer Ring Expressway is an important part of planning, within the total length of 10.8 km Lanshan, road width 24 meters, total investment 86 million yuan. One section of 1.7 km Garden Bridge Wing on 30 June this year was opened to traffic.

     At present, the outer North West extension project for pre-construction procedure has been basically completed, Si Wing Road to the text section of eight kilometers, the ongoing demolition and preparation of bidding, planning line was opened to traffic in June next year.
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